This tractor is equipped with a Blackhawk half-track system that was manufactured by the Arps Corporation of New Holstein, Wisconsin. They were pioneers in snow and mud traveling equipment. Their advertising reads as follows: "Now you can go through places that you never think of going before, do work that couldn't be done before. The Blackhawk half-track enables you to pull implements and haul loads on fields too wet to go on with a conventional tractor."

The Dearborn model 10-14-lift type two-way plow is very rare and was only made in 1948-49. It allowed the operator to change the position of the plow (right or left furrow) from the tractor seat and return in the same furrow. This plow was sometimes known as a "Hillside plow", where the soil is turned downhill.

Restored by: Marvin Baumann
Monroe Michigan June 2000
Arps Tracks