Henry Ford was a very uncomplicated thinking man and believed in the utilization of standard part’s as much as possible. When the Ford tractors were developed it was only natural for him to incorporate as many automobile components into the tractor as economically feasible. This was also true of the hand tools furnished with these tractors. In fact there was only one hand tool, the 9-N 17014 plow wrench, which had to be specifically designed for use with the tractor. The 2N 17003 tool kit which was listed in the September 1952 Master Parts Catalog, covering the years 1939 through 1952 contained seven tools furnished with the N series tractors. When production of the N series tractors ended in 1952, it is believed that the tools furnished with the tractors had dwindled to only two tools, the 01A 17017-B spark plug and cylinder head wrench and the 9N 17014 plow wrench. I have not found any documentation to that effect but in conversation with Ford tractor dealers of that era, I believe it to be a true. The 01A 17017-B spark plug and cylinder head wrench is listed in the Master Parts Catalog as being used on all models but it evidently had a predecessor. This is indicated by information I have gathered from people who knew of these tractors when they were new. It is believed, the early 9-N’s used the 01A 17017 spark plug wrench which had one box end and one open end. Although I have not found any documentation in the archives on this, I believe it to be true. The 01A 17017 was introduced in 1939 and may have been used until the introduction of the 01A 17017-B in 1940. This also holds true for the other 01A tools listed in the Master Parts Catalog, as most of the 01A part numbers were not released until 1940. The part number of the original tool kit listed in that catalog is 2N 17003, which may explain the omission of the proper 9-N tool part numbers. All of the tools were marked with the Ford script logo with the exception of the screwdriver and pliers, which had no identifying, Ford markings. The part numbers were used only on the plow wrench and the spark plug wrench. The Ford script logo on the 9N 17014 and the 01A 17017-B was changed in 1950 when the company changed to the new FoMoCo logo.

The tools contained in the 2N 17003 kits were as follows:
1) 9N 17014-11/16”x 1-1/16” Open-end plow wrench. Has Ford or FoMoCo logo and part number.
This is the only wrench that was peculiar to the tractor. The intended use of this wrench was to make adjustments to the plow. There were inch marks on the side of the wrench and the purpose of this feature was to check the width and depth of the furrow created by the plow. This wrench was NOT intended to measure the fuel level in the tank.
2) 01A 17015 - 7/16”X 1/2” Open-end wrench. Have Ford logo but no part number.
3) 01A 17016 - 9/16”x 5/8” Open-end wrench. Have Ford logo but no part number.
4) 01A 17017B - 11/16”x 13/16” Offset box end wrench. Has Ford or FoMoCo logo and part number.
5) B 17020 - Screwdriver. No logo or part number.
6) 01A 17021A - Adjustable wrench. Has Ford logo but no part number.
7) B 17025A - Pliers. No Ford logo or part number. Only tool manufacturers logo.
A hand crank, 9-N 17040 was offered as an option on all models except during the 1942, 43 war model years when the 2N 17040-A hand crank was standard on tractors that did not have batteries or starters.
Marvin Baumann May, 1998 Revised – November 2002