The first tractor engine conversion I made was the Chevrolet engine in a Ford 8-N tractor. Chevrolet is the engine of choice by many engine converters because of their compact size and availability. Chevrolet is also my favorite V-8 engine. The first year I took the Chevy/Ford to shows I didn’t realize the dedicated Ford loyalists who were very critical of a Chevy engine in a Ford tractor. I immediately knew that my next project would be a Ford 351Windsor overhead valve engine in an 8-N. The process was virtually the same for the Ford V-8 as the Chevy V-8 conversion as described on this web page, and was much better received than the ChevyV-8-N. These tractors with the engine conversions are much better received and understood at car shows than tractor shows. Some have accused me of ruining an antique tractor by doing these conversions. With over 500,000 8-N’s made and half of them still in use, I don’t see them among the protected species in the near future.
Ford V-8-N