I began this project because I have always wanted to build a vehicle from the ground up. Having been a mechanic I wanted this vehicle to be "Mechanic Friendly". I tried to make every item that I installed as simple and accessible as possible. It began as a 1954 Ford F-100 pickup. I converted it to a 1955, as I prefer '55 to the '54 in appearance. This was done through cosmetic changes and involved changing the grille, front splash pan, parking lights and hood emblems. Since it was a frame up restoration. I have replaced the original straight front axle with a Mustang II independent front suspension using coil spring suspension. I used a 1991 Ford 351 Windsor police interceptor engine; the transmission is an automatic overdrive (AOD) from a 1991 Mustang and I had a towing package added to the transmission when it was rebuilt. The rear end assembly is from a Lincoln Versailles and the truck has disc brakes on all four wheels. The seats are from a 2001 Buick. It has a floor shift from the Lokar Company and the parking brake is mounted on the pinion shaft rather than on the wheels. I use my pickup to pull a trailer loaded with one of my tractors to shows.
My Pickup