“Worlds Slowest Tractor”
When I originally created “Fourtrans” in 1999 I thought Nine Feet (108 inches) per hour would be as slow as I could make a gear driven tractor travel. This year I felt the gearing configuration of this tractor should be reevaluated. I discovered there was a way of slowing this tractor down even more, and it now travels at One Foot (12 inches) per hour in the lowest gear. The story follows:

This tractor was created using a “Special Purpose” transmission and two separate speed reduction units that were originally available as an option for use in the “N” series of tractors. One or the other was used in conjunction with the standard production transmission. This tractor was constructed to show the effects that each transmission has on the operation of the tractor. In the configuration used on this tractor it has 32 forward and 6 reverse speeds. In the lowest gear it travels one foot, (12 inches) per hour. I believe it to be the “Worlds Slowest Moving Gear Driven Tractor” using standard diameter drive wheels and tires. Below are listed the transmission and speed reduction units used in conjunction with the four speed transmission which was standard on the Ford 8-N tractor.

1) Sherman “Special Purpose” Transmission.
The tractor using this “Special Purpose” transmission along with the standard tractor transmission has eight forward speeds and two reverse speeds. It is mounted in front of the standard transmission. The shift handle is on the left side of the tractor, below the steering gear box.

2) Everett Trencher Speed Reduction Transmission.
This two-speed reduction transmission was used when a trencher was mounted on the tractor. It has a 98 to 1 gear reduction to produce the slow speed needed to operate a trenching machine attachment. This unit is mounted directly behind the standard transmission and lengthens the tractor 9 3/4”. The shift handle is located on top on the gear reduction unit directly in front of the seat.

3) Howard Rotavator Speed Reduction Transmission.
This two-speed transmission has a 3.5 to 1 gear reduction to obtain the slow speed needed to operate a rotavator. Howard Rotary Hoe Ltd made this unit in England. It uses a planetary gear system and is normally mounted directly to the rear of the standard transmission. In this tractor it is mounted to the rear of the Everett trencher transmission. The shift handle extends out on the right side of the differential housing.

This tractor was constructed over a three-year period of time. After the idea was conceived to construct this tractor, a nationwide advertising search began for the various units needed to complete this project. The “Special Purpose” Sherman transmission was located in Missouri. The Everett unit was located in Ohio. The most rare of all and most difficult to locate was the Howard unit, which was located in Connecticut.

The loader on this tractor is a Dearborn Model 19-29 Rear Mounted Loader. The loader has a lift capacity of 1100 pounds. The fork is controlled by means of a manual trip and automatically returns to the locked position when dumped. I have covered the ends of the tines on the bucket for safety reasons when this implement is on display. The loader is designed especially for the Ford Tractor and can easily be attached without the use of special tools.